AKI11198 - AK Interactive Burnt Tin - 17mL Bottle - Acrylic / Water Based - Flat

Manufacturer:AK Interactive

Product/Colour/Color:Burnt Tin

Product Number:11198

Paint Type:Acrylic / Water Based


Dispenser:17mL Bottle

FS Equivalent:None

RLM Equivalent:None

RAL Equivalent:None

Identifier:UPC 843556830431


Sub-Category 1:AK Interactive

Sub-Category 2:3rd Generation

Sub-Category 3:Metallic Colours


Sub-Category 1:AK Interactive

Sub-Category 2:3rd Generation

Sub-Category 3:All Colours and Primers


Sub-Category 1:AK Interactive

Sub-Category 2:All Colours and Primers

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  • CAN $4.25
  • US $3.31

High quality paint for Brushes and Airbrush in a 17ml bottle. The paint is designed to be effective for airbrush and brush and is water- soluble avoiding strong smells and harmful solvents. Non toxic. It can be easily thinned with our specific acrylic thinner or water if necessary. We recommend AK-712 Acrylic Thinner for thinning. There is no need to dilute the paints when you decide to use your airbrush. When applied by brush they also have a greater degree of coverage. Use alone or mix with other acrylic paints to obtain a different color. 

The first thing you are going to see is a bottle with the AK logo identifying the product and a characteristic white cap with a recess on its top that allows to deposit paint and achieve a fast and precise identification of the color.

Our team of modelers assumed the role of final consumers, they tested the product they identified the characteristics that would be most required by the users and that they would expect from the paint themselves.

The quick drying and the comfort of having an acrylic product with a perfect matte finish could be improved in terms of usability if the brush strokes were not perceived, provided a perfect covering and if they could also be applied with an airbrush with the same ease as the enamel based paints.

The range of paints is quickly identified by labels. We can identify six different labels with a color circle that contains the brand logo, the color name and the code at the top of the label.

The six different labels are:

  • Standard - Orange Label
  • Metallic - Blue Label
  • Intense - Yellow Label
  • Pastel - Cyan Label
  • Auxiliary - Grey Label
  • Ink - Brown Label

Standard: Orange Label

The basic label. The orange dot is the element that remarks a range of colors designed for any kind of modeler. The clear and easily identifiable label includes the name of the color and its reference code at the top.

Metallic: Blue Label

The range contains a selection of 22 metallic tones with ultrafine pigmentation, marked by the label featuring a dark blue circle.

Intense: Yellow Label

Intense colors are identified with the yellow circle on the label. These tones contain pigments of high purity and high concentration for the most vivid colors.

Pastel: Cyan Label

There are 6 pastel colors within the range, which are identified by a pastel blue circle. These tones can be used, as the others, in any type of modeling, figures, sceneries, buildings, vehicles...

Auxiliary: Grey Label

The bottles identified by labels with a grey circle comprise specially formulated mediums to modify the properties of paints. Glaze Medium dilutes the paints and extends their drying time allowing too make glazes or mixtures. Metallic Medium mixed with other paints offers a pearly and metallic effect. Crackle Medium causes the paint to crack, whilst the Chipping Medium, applied between two layers of paint, enables to create chipping effects on the top surface color.

Ink: Brown Label

The general label to identify the inks is the one with a brown circle. The inks of this range are not standard ones, the balance between fluidity and intensity allows too carry out the most challenging works. The selection of tones is ideal for working on most of the possible tones.

    • Weight
      0.051 kg
    • SKU
    • UPC/ISBN
      UPC 843556830431
    • Mnf#/Vendor#
      AK Interactive 11198
  • Paint Type
    Acrylic / Water Based
  • Dispense
    17mL Bottle
  • Finish
  • FS Equivalent
  • RLM Equivalent
  • RAL Equivalent
  • Manufacturer
    AK Interactive
  • Collection Number
    0 - New Product
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